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Barrington Truck Show ~ 2014

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Barrington Truck Show ~ 2014

A single day, a Sunday in August of good clean fun!!

barringtontruckshow-2014-_Y9A3744.JPG973 barringtontruckshow-2014-_Y9A3748.JPG976 barringtontruckshow-2014-_Y9A3754.JPG981 barringtontruckshow-2014-_Y9A3875.JPG1007 barringtontruckshow-2014-_Y9A3880.JPG1011

Out back of Calef’s RT 9 & 125 in Barrington and on the grounds of the Barrington Post Office.barringtontruckshow-2014-_Y9A3907.JPG1025

Antique Chevy Suburbans

(does it follow then that there are antique suburbs?!?)barringtontruckshow-2014-_Y9A3917.JPG1033 barringtontruckshow-2014-_Y9A3949.JPG1048 barringtontruckshow-2014-_Y9A3955.JPG1051

Texas’ Townes Van Zandt’s White Freight Liner

I’m goin out on the highway
Listen to them big trucks whine
I’m goin out on the highway
Listen to them big trucks whine

White freight liner
Won’t you steal away my mind


Richard Shindell’s The Kenworth of My Dreams

I sold my old Camaro
I sold my fishing boat
A friend said he would cosign
On a small commercial loan
So I shopped around until I found
A rig within my means
I put fifteen thousand dollars down
On the Kenworth of my dreams

barringtontruckshow-2014-_Y9A3976.JPG1062 barringtontruckshow-2014-_Y9A3985.JPG1071 barringtontruckshow-2014-_Y9A4007.JPG1083 barringtontruckshow-2014-_Y9A4022.JPG1085 barringtontruckshow-2014-_Y9A4040.JPG1101Always well organized, with lots of participants and well attended.

Posted by bigdawg on August 18, 2014

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