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Cape Coral Burrowing Owls – Day 2

capecoralowls12.17.2015-6Y9A1543 capecoralowls12.17.2015-6Y9A1549 capecoralowls12.17.2015-6Y9A1560 capecoralowls12.17.2015-6Y9A1601 capecoralowls12.17.2015-6Y9A1681 capecoralowls12.17.2015-6Y9A1877 capecoralowls12.17.2015-6Y9A1905 capecoralowls12.17.2015-6Y9A1991 capecoralowls12.17.2015-6Y9A2094 capecoralowls12.17.2015-6Y9A2169 capecoralowls12.17.2015-6Y9A2419 capecoralowls12.17.2015-6Y9A2464

21 Dec 2015

Burrowing Owls

The Burrowing Owls of Cape Coral, Florida

Maintaining a hold on remaining bits and pieces of their habitat in the developed environs of Cape Coral, Florida these pint-sized predators live in burrows that they dig themselves.

Current estimates are 1,000 nesting pairs inhabit the burrows of Cape Coral.

capecoralowls12.16.2015-6Y9A0728 capecoralowls12.16.2015-6Y9A0904 capecoralowls12.16.2015-6Y9A0906 capecoralowls12.16.2015-6Y9A0959 capecoralowls12.16.2015-6Y9A0982 capecoralowls12.16.2015-6Y9A1079 capecoralowls12.16.2015-6Y9A1232 capecoralowls12.16.2015-6Y9A1513

Cape Coral is actively engaged in both protecting and promoting their Burrowing Owls.

18 Dec 2015

Delahaye 135

Delahaye 135

“She just wanted to ride in a Delahaye 135.

She just wanted to ride in a Hudson Commodore.

No need to worry anymore.”

Jason Isbell

Lyrics from ‘Hudson Commodore’

There is a story here.

Jason Isbell has entranced us with his most recent music. We listen often.

Certain songs stick in the mind. Hudson Commodore does just that.

The reference to Delahaye 135 and Hudson Commodore intrigued me.

Classic cars: right up my interest ally.

Further search took me to collections and collectors that had either on display.

The Commodores seem to be found in the midwest. Nowhere near our winter road trip route.

The Delahaye 135 was a different story.

Enter the REVS Institute for Automotive Reserarch.

A combined collection (The Collier and Cunningham collections) of fine automobiles housed, maintained and displayed in Naples, Florida.

They possess and display a Delahaye 135. We put it on our photo op list.

The REVS Institute for Automotive Reserarch is worth the time and money.

Treat yourself to the docent led tour, then linger afterwards.

Listen to Jason Isbell’s song while you enjoy the images.

delahaye135-6Y9A0281 delahaye135-6Y9A0289 delahaye135-6Y9A0307 delahaye135-6Y9A0308 delahaye135-6Y9A0320

17 Dec 2015

Venice Audubon Rookery ~ Morning Display

Venice Audubon Rookery ~ Morning Display

AM Dominance on Display

venicerookery-12-12-2015-6Y9A8713 venicerookery-12-12-2015-6Y9A8871 venicerookery-12-12-2015-6Y9A8936 venicerookery-12-12-2015-6Y9A9109

Pick Me, Pick Me …venicerookery-12-12-2015-6Y9A9209 venicerookery-12-12-2015-6Y9A9212 venicerookery-12-12-2015-6Y9A9216 venicerookery-12-12-2015-6Y9A9217 venicerookery-12-12-2015-6Y9A9218 venicerookery-12-12-2015-6Y9A9219 venicerookery-12-12-2015-6Y9A9261 venicerookery-12-12-2015-6Y9A9262 venicerookery-12-12-2015-6Y9A9263 venicerookery-12-12-2015-6Y9A9265 Visual Bullyingvenicerookery-12-12-2015-6Y9A9641 venicerookery-12-12-2015-6Y9A9642 venicerookery-12-12-2015-6Y9A9643 venicerookery-12-12-2015-6Y9A9644 venicerookery-12-12-2015-6Y9A9649

The Venice Rookery ~ Morning Display : Expanded Image Gallery Link

The Venice Rookery ~ Nesting & Flight Blog Post Link

The Venice Rookery ~ Nesting & Flight : Expanded Image Gallery Link

The Venice Rookery

Thanks to the Venice Area Audubon Society.



16 Dec 2015

Myakka River State Park

Myakka River State Park

West Central Florida

A grab bag of images from Florida’s largest state park.


Beautiful but invasive wild hyacinth that grows in mats on the surface of the lakes.6Y9A0077 6Y9A0082


Took me a bit to puzzle out the protrusion from the hawk’s belly

6Y9A8438 6Y9A9706 6Y9A9711 6Y9A9729

Canopy Walk among the Live Oaks, Spanish Moss and Palms6Y9A9742 6Y9A9743 6Y9A9779

Live Oak

The following images were captured on the Bird Walk.

6Y9A9814 6Y9A9846

Did anyone take you Snipe hunting back in your naive youth?


A couple of well-camouflaged Snipe at the far end of the Bird Walk.6Y9A9905 6Y9A9912

Great Blue Heron walking in more than what he bargained for in the way of a meal, … but he has a plan.6Y9A9939 6Y9A9957

Get to high ground and stab that tilapia (?), another invasive species, until it succumbs.6Y9A9965 6Y9A9972 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A7884 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A7890 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A7979 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8007 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8026 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8027 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8055 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8056 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8124 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8125 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8307 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8312 myakkariverspbirdwalk-12-10-2015-6Y9A8320

Myakka River State Park Link

Friends of Myakka River State Park FB Link

14 Dec 2015

Venice Audubon Rookery ~ Nesting & Flight

The Venice Rookery

Thanks to the Venice Area Audubon Society.

Well kept and well preserved.

Honored by the wildlife, photographers and birders that pass through and frequent.

venicerookery-12-10-2015-6Y9A6696 venicerookery-12-10-2015-6Y9A6780 venicerookery-12-10-2015-6Y9A6864 venicerookery-12-10-2015-6Y9A6866 venicerookery-12-10-2015-6Y9A6877 venicerookery-12-10-2015-6Y9A6878 venicerookery-12-10-2015-6Y9A6904 venicerookery-12-10-2015-6Y9A6956 venicerookery-12-10-2015-6Y9A7007 venicerookery-12-10-2015-6Y9A7078 venicerookery-12-10-2015-6Y9A7079 venicerookery-12-10-2015-6Y9A7080 venicerookery-12-10-2015-6Y9A7087The Venice Rookery ~ Nesting & Flight : Expanded Image Gallery Link

The Venice Rookery ~ Morning Display Blog Post Link

The Venice Rookery ~ Morning Display : Expanded Image Gallery Link

13 Dec 2015

Sarasota National Cemetery

Sarasota National Cemetery

We were at Sarasota National Cemetery five years ago, 12/2010.

It was just in it’s infancy, two years of existence.

A different place now.

Beautiful then, sparse.

Beautiful now …

6Y9A8447 6Y9A8450 6Y9A8452New Amphitheater.6Y9A8457 6Y9A8477 6Y9A8485 6Y9A8488 6Y9A8489 6Y9A8491 6Y9A8493 6Y9A8502The Columbarium

Behind and a part of the amphitheater.

None of this existed five years ago.

Only the physical grave sites and headstones.

Someone had a vision.

Two days later : Holiday Wreaths and the Scent of Pine

6Y9A0108 6Y9A0148 6Y9A0160 6Y9A0161 6Y9A0192 6Y9A0208 6Y9A0212 6Y9A0222 6Y9A0230 6Y9A0264

Hallowed Grounds

Previous Sarasota Nat’l Cemetery Blog Entry ~ 12/2010 Link

Sarasota National Cemetery Expanded Image Gallery Link

Beaufort (SC) National Cemetery Blog Link

Chalmette (LA) National Cemetery Blog Link

13 Dec 2015

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park – Loggerhead Shrike

Loggerhead Shrike

kissimmeeprairiepreserve12-2015-6Y9A3337 kissimmeeprairiepreserve12-2015-6Y9A3347

The Loggerhead Shrike is a new bird to me as far as my photography goes and my birding as well.

6Y9A3789 6Y9A3817 6Y9A3837

An up front thank you to Paul Miller and Linda Eastman among others of the Friends of Kissimmee Prairie Preserve FB group for their assistance.

6Y9A3924 6Y9A3928

Interesting and unique habits and behavior pretty well summarized and presented here by Nat’l Geo. Well worth the short time to watch.

6Y9A3857 6Y9A3868

7 Dec 2015

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park

Largest Remaining Expanse of Florida Dry Prairie

South Pasture Slough


Tri-Colored Heron

Birds in the slough were much more stand-offish than in the past.

kissimmeeprairiepreserve12-2015-6Y9A3002Green Heron

Peavine Roadkissimmeeprairiepreserve12-2015-6Y9A3309 kissimmeeprairiepreserve12-2015-6Y9A3313

Eastern Meadowlark

“The sound of the prairie.”

Paul Miller

kissimmeeprairiepreserve12-2015-6Y9A3337 kissimmeeprairiepreserve12-2015-6Y9A3347 kissimmeeprairiepreserve12-2015-6Y9A3438 kissimmeeprairiepreserve12-2015-6Y9A3445Logger Head Shrike

The Butcher Bird

Thanks to Linda Eastman

kissimmeeprairiepreserve12-2015-6Y9A3624 kissimmeeprairiepreserve12-2015-6Y9A3633Red Shouldered Hawk

Friends of Kissimmee Prairie Preserve (FB)

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6 Dec 2015