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Bryan’s Swamp ~ The Atchafalaya According to Bryan Champagne

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Bryan Champagne, good ole’ boy (not sure if they use that descriptive term down here?) and bilingual Cajun, knows the water’s of Lake Martin and the adjacent swamp lands like he grew up here. As he did. Bryan runs a very professional yet down home and laid back swamp tour. He knows the swamp and bayou environment around him and presents the information necessary to make his tour a learning experience for all. As an added bonus he has a great sense of humor which he enjoys putting on display. His boat is comfortable and allows for all participants to have good views.

Nutria, swamp rat, McIlhenneys mistake. Five bucks a tail.

This one I would go back and do again; $20.00 felt like a good price point!

Tell Bryan Steve sent you. Enjoy!

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Posted by bigdawg on February 15, 2011

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