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Wide Angle to Fenway

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Chose to go to the city (Boston) less encumbered for a number of reasons (ask me about them). Went with Debbie, the 5D and a 16 – 35 mm. Good exercise on a couple levels. One either travels & has the experience or photographs; tough to do both well and enjoy. Still not sure which one I did.

All of us, like lemmings to Fenway …




















(They don’t tear your ticket in half now-a-days: not at $90 a pop they don’t!)




















… like lemmings to Fenway, all to be gobbled up by the ‘Green Monstah’.


Afternoon games bring a different crowd: families and people our age and beyond.

John Lackey threw a few too many home run pitches and the BOSOX bats got shut down and shut out … as the disquieted fans head home. The SOX gotta do better then winning every third game this deep in the season. Who is their quality third starter in a playoff rotation?


Streaming to the CITGO sign and the ‘T’ stop at Kenmore Square.


Boston is one of the great cities!

Boston on Dwellable


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Posted by bigdawg on August 18, 2011

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