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The Boat House Session ~ Fiddle Circle

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Bars and cafes may come and go in Terlingua but it seems like fiddle circles and open mic nights stay the course.

Mark Lewis’ ably organized and directed fiddle circle currently resides Tuesday nights 6 to 8 PM (maybe 9 PM if folks have some staying power) at the Boat House Bar in the Ghost Town section of Terlingua, Texas.

When not in Nome tending the rooming house, George ably tends the bar at the Boast House. George: Thank you for making me feel welcome.


Lots of fiddlers this year, some new faces and some that we remembered from the last time through.

It was nice to have our efforts remembered and welcomed.

12/27 2011 Post : Old Time Music Community ~ Ghost Town Cafe & Saloon ~ Terlingua, Texas

01/03 2012 Post : Viva Terlingua ~ Terlingua, Texas

Give and take, question and answer, show and tell, teachin’ and learnin’ going on: even an up out of one’s seat ‘Eureka’ moment.

And again the thread of photographers as musicians, musicians as photographers. It is good to stretch oneself.












Some things don’t change they just move across the street.

Do all drinking establishments in Terlingua house one or more motorcycles among their patrons?

Good energy, fellowship and community here.

Expanded Gallery : The Boat House Session

30 Jan 2013