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The Arabi District

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St Bernard Parish, Louisiana

In the local vernacular:

‘da Parish’

Immediately south and east of NOLA by way of Route 46.

Much to St Bernard: a place of varied people, culture and places,  Arabi is just the start, the beginning.

In the Arabi district the color and flavor of New Orleans’ French Quarter easily flows into St Bernard.

daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6932daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6861 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6863 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6864

A walk down the well policed Angela Street produced lots of interactions with the local residents and lots of exposure to local homes, local ‘color’ & local architecture.daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6882 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6888 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6897

Note the terra cotta roof ridge tiles and decorative ridge caps.

No one could tell me what the decorative pieces were called: one guy said that in his youth he and his pals called them ‘duck tails’. daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6900 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6903 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6904 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6909

Deep skinny lots that went back forever; laid out back in the day of frontage taxes. Some homes had a second story out back, known as a ‘camelback’.daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6913 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6914

A few shots on Friscoville Street.daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6923 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6924 daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6931daparish-01.31.2014-6Y9A6932

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1 Feb 2014

St Bernard Levee System

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Just south of the entrance  to St Bernard State Park on LA 39 in St Bernard Parish, Louisiana is the Army Corps of Engineer’s newly completed 8.5-mile-long floodwall between Verret and Caernarvon.

These images are from on the adjacent and perpendicular Mississippi River levee  below the new floodwall.

The entire parish of 60,000 people was flooded in August 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit. The area’s population has not recovered.

Before the storm, the corps says the average height of the levee system was 14 feet. Now, they stand at between 27 feet and 32 feet.

On the unprotected side of the Verret-Caenarvon levee is the community of Braithwaite and Plaquemines Parish protected by an 8 foot levee.

The contrasts between the two adjacent levees will be stark. The private levees protecting the Braithwaite community on Plaquemines’ Eastbank stand at just 8 feet. Those levees were overtopped in 2008 during Hurricane Gustav.

The levees from Verret to Caernarvon in the St. Bernard system will tower an estimated 26 feet.

This is the big picture.

28 Feb 2012