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Wings Over Willcox ~ Whitewater Draw

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Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area


 Arizona Game and Fish


Professional Photography Guide Services Courtesy of the Wings Over Willcox Festival volunteer efforts of George Andrejko and Tom Whetton.

These gentleman were truly professionals in their photographic skills and in their people skills. They knew when to make the instructive  and constructive comment that was specific to the setting at hand as well as being appropriate to the group in general. Their presentations and style were different yet complementary, obviously there is a history here of having collaborated with one another.

I would participate on any of their photo tours without hesitation.

Wings Over Willcox is an extremely well organized and well run nature and birding festival in this, its 20th year.

















Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area


Arizona Game and Fish

 Tom Whetton has me convinced that all wildlife photographers and/or birders should be buying hunting licenses and duck stamps to support the wildlife areas that they appreciate and frequent. Otherwise we are freeloading on others. Those license fees go directly to Arizona Game and Fish.

Expanded Image Gallery

Cochise County, Arizona has been a way interesting area to spend some time. I would return.

Now on to Bosque del Apache NWR in New Mexico and then the great yet quirky state of Texas.

22 Jan 2013

Buyers & Sellers ~ The Faces of the Willcox Livestock Auction ~ Vol 2

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Willcox Livestock Auction

Willcox, Arizona

Weekly Thursday Cattle Sale

Thursday January 10, 2013

A Thank You to Sonny Shores, Working Owner & Paul Ramirez, Auctioneer

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Thank You All For Your Willingness To Allow the Lens To Capture You

Expanded Gallery To Follow

12 Jan 2013