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Avery Island ~ Tabasco and the Buddha

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Avery Island

Interesting Place

Salt Domes, McIlhenny Family Tabasco Empire, Bird City, Public Gardens, Shrine to the Buddha

Louisiana Enlightment

Pay the man in the little toll house on the wrong side of the road your $1.00 via a long stick and a wooden clothes pin and cross onto the island.

‘Charlie’ is a Tabasco guide without compare, with a welcoming smile and southern graciousness (a sunny California import who followed her heart).

Try the Sweet and Spicy and Jalapeno ice creams. They are surprisingly good!

The gardens are worth the time and entry fee; the shrine to the Buddha was well done. No fat-bellied Buddha here! What is the difference?

Bird City was empty but the rookeries were prepared, awaiting the arrival en mass of Snowy White Egrets. Let the breeding begin!

Access to the rest of the island was controlled by way of pleasantly subtle yet threatening signs; I did so want to ignore the signs and go check out the rest of the island.

But no …

Say ‘HI’ to charlie while you are here, tell her Steve McKinney sent you.


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Posted by bigdawg on February 12, 2011

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