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Slaid Cleaves ~ Fischer Haus Cantina

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After touring his latest CD : Still Fighting the War this time last year, Slaid Cleaves found his way back to the Fischer Haus Cantina in Fischer, Texas in the Hill Country somehwere between Wimberely and Blanco.

His musical chops earned and dues well paid : Not SXSW and not Not SXSW as well.

slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-001Accompanied by Chojo Jacques of Dripping Springs on fiddle and mandolin.slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-004 slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-018A tip of the hat to both musicians: balance and interplay, mutual respect for one another’s talents and skills.slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-028 slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-034 slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-042Slaid has honed his craft well.

Great  musicianship, stagecraft, songs and story telling.slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-071 slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-077 slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-094Slaid and Chojo owned the Fischer audience:

Many were Hill Country Texans who  related immediately and directly to Slaid’s stories, remembrances and song lyrics.slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-115

The Fischer Haus Cantina is a laid back open air venue, wonderful for the type of music presented here.

slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-126 slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-127

Expressive music played and voiced expressively.slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-128 slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-130

A ‘Mainiac’ of a Texas Singer-Songwriter: great music and the perfect end to our Austin live music experience. slaidcleaves-3.15.2014-140


Posted by bigdawg on March 16, 2014

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