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Wicked v Good 2014 ~MRD

Maine Roller Derby

Wicked Good : Some Sort of Maine Thing


2014 Wicked v Good

Portland  (Maine) Expo

Some Individual Shots and Sequences – Less Than a Half of Skating

Good Clean Fun As Always

derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2167 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2221 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2223 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2442 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2443 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2608 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2679 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2697 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2755 derby-10.11.2014-_Y9A2796

Expanded Bout Gallery

Credit Where Credit Is Due ~ Thank You!!

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Posted by bigdawg on October 13, 2014
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  1. 10/13/2014
    Beth Salts

    Thanks so much for sharing these great photos of our recent bout!

  2. 10/14/2014
    Wild Rumpus

    These look awesome! The makeup really enhances the images.


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