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Cuba 2016 – I

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Cuba 2016

Witness For Peace, a politically independent organization of people committed to nonviolence and led by faith and conscience, bases their people-to-people experiences in Cuba at the Centro Memorial Martin Luther King, JR at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in the Marianao neighborhood of Havana, Cuba.

‘Boots on the ground’ so to speak for our Diane Stardling coordinated delegation were Carmen Perez Diaz as CMLK Guide and Program Coordinator, Alberto Gonzalez CMLK translator-interpretor and WFP Cuba program facilitators Angelica Salazar and Cat Walker.

A more dedicated and professional, energetic and compassionate, straight-forward and proud group of folks would be hard to find.

Our ten day Witness For Peace delegation to Cuba more than met all my needs and expectations.


Morning Flower Vendor on the Streets of Marianaowfp.cuba.2-2016-6Y9A4730

The Supreme Expression of Cuban Initiative and Ingenuitywfp.cuba.2-2016-6Y9A4742

Color On the Move. Be Quick and Attentive : The Word ‘Pedestrian’ Does Not Translate On the Streets of Habana.wfp.cuba.2-2016-6Y9A4916

Working Class Neighborhood Marianao Plymouthwfp.cuba.2-2016-6Y9A4922

Cuban Father and Son. Children Are Valued Above All Else In Cuba.wfp.cuba.2-2016-6Y9A5009

Centro Memorial Martin Luther King, Jr

Witness For Peace

Extended Image Gallery ~ Cuba 2016 – I

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