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West Side Market – 2016 : The Face of Work

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West Side Market

Lorain &  W 25th Street

Cleveland, Ohio

Mid-day Saturday November 19th, 2016

The folks pictured here have been at work since 6 AM or so … and still with a smile on their face and a word of welcome to the customer.

I applaud you!

Very few declined to have their image captured.

I thank you one and all!

westsidemarrket2016-5025westsidemarrket2016-5045 westsidemarrket2016-5047 westsidemarrket2016-5063 westsidemarrket2016-5082 westsidemarrket2016-5116Living the dream … westsidemarrket2016-5120Big Smilewestsidemarrket2016-5128The Thinker and the Box of Sausagewestsidemarrket2016-5132Orange Is the New … ?


westsidemarrket2016-5149Enjoy One’s Work, Take Pride In One’s Workwestsidemarrket2016-5157 westsidemarrket2016-5162Big Beautiful Smileswestsidemarrket2016-5168 westsidemarrket2016-5181A Small Tastewestsidemarrket2016-5198 westsidemarrket2016-5204… And Still the Smileswestsidemarrket2016-5242 westsidemarrket2016-5250Weekend Working Family, Smiling Familywestsidemarrket2016-5257 westsidemarrket2016-5267 westsidemarrket2016-5269 westsidemarrket2016-5270Mr Nonchalant 😉westsidemarrket2016-5277 westsidemarrket2016-5350westsidemarrket2016-5028

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Posted by bigdawg on November 19, 2016
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    hit me up for image files at be specific as to the image you desire


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