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Good Stuff Here ~ Rochester (NH) Fair ~ Horse Pull

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Rochester, New Hampshire Fair

Friday Day Horse Pulls

Just a Snippet

The ‘Maine Style’ Pull to Start

Pleased With My Work : Beautiful Animals and Great People!!

Mr. Event Superintendent : Thank You For the Access

RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_8495 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_8538 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_8566 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_8596 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_8602 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_8616 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_8623 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_8639 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_8644 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_8687 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_8732 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_8755 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_8777 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_8809 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_8821 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_8843 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_8938 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_8961 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_8965 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_9017 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_9027 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_9058 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_9094 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_9152 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_9164 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_9179 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_9218 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_9229 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_9247 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_9249 RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_9250RochesterFair-HorsePull-IMG_9258

Expanded Gallery 

E-mail ( if you want image files suitable for printing.

We will see the teamsters and pulling event fans at the Deerfield Fair next week/weekend.

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Posted by bigdawg on September 21, 2013
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  1. 10/10/2013
    Charles M Braley

    Those are some good pictures. I love the horse pulls as my family did it for years. My Father, Uncles and some cousins


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