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Rochester Fair ~ The Maine Pull

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2016 Rochester Fair

Rochester, New Hampshire

The Maine Pull

As I understand the event (correct me if I am in error):

  A paired team of pulling horses, one teamster per team, a one hundred foot measured pulling length with side boundaries and turning areas at either end.

Five minutes time to pull twice the team’s weight as far as possible, turning 180 degrees after each successful 100 feet of pull.

Winner pulls furthest within the bounds.


Good looking animals.rochesterfair2016-mainepull-1173 rochesterfair2016-mainepull-1301

High Steppin’rochesterfair2016-mainepull-1303 rochesterfair2016-mainepull-1354 rochesterfair2016-mainepull-1355 rochesterfair2016-mainepull-1356

Smith Teamrochesterfair2016-mainepull-1371


Wendell & Crewrochesterfair2016-mainepull-1381

Experience Showsrochesterfair2016-mainepull-1393

Experience Wins Outrochesterfair2016-mainepull-1410 rochesterfair2016-mainepull-1460Blue Ribbon Effort

rochesterfair2016-mainepull-1517 rochesterfair2016-mainepull-1561Blue Ribbon Team & Teamster

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Fine Animals, Good People, Great Event

Posted by bigdawg on September 25, 2016

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