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Cuba 2016 – II

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Cuba 2016

Cuba Is a Complex Study In Contradictions

National Sovereignty and Social Justice Are Prized and Acted Upon

Cuba Is a Diverse Society : Cubans Do Not See Color They See Cubans

One Thing That Is Clear, It Is Time For the Embargo, the Blockade, To Go


Street Vendors On the Square In Old Habanawfp.cuba.2-2016-6Y9A5884

Street Vendor – Old Habanawfp.cuba.2-2016-6Y9A5871

Old Habanawfp.cuba.2-2016-6Y9A5803

Cuban Taxi – Big CUCs To Ride Around Habana For the Afternoon In This Beautywfp.cuba.2-2016-6Y9A5681

Cuban Youth : The Future of Cuba Amid the Unknowns of Changewfp.cuba.2-2016-6Y9A5288

Cuban Initiative and Ingenuitywfp.cuba.2-2016-6Y9A5566The Morning Rush – Lido Terminal

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Cuba 2016 II – Extended Image Gallery Link

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Posted by bigdawg on February 18, 2016
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  1. 02/19/2016

    Very beautiful


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